I'm Don Gunn; I am a freelance recording/mixing engineer, producer, and musician in Seattle, WA. I've worked with hundreds of artists over the years including Death Cab for Cutie, Peter Frampton, Soundgarden, The Lonely Forest, King Crimson, The Humans, and Fences.

I work on all styles of music and utilize my studio, The Office, as well as many fine rooms here in Seattle, such as Studio Litho, The Hall of Justice, London Bridge, and Avast! Recording.

I can be contacted via email:

More Info

Operating out of Seattle, I'm happy to travel for projects or utilize any of the fine facilities this city has to offer. I regularly work out of Studio Litho, The Hall of Justice, London Bridge, and Avast! Recording, among others.

I also have my own studio, The Office, a single-room facility in which I do the majority of my mixing, but it can also be used for tracking smaller-scale projects as well as overdubs. I've also begun branching out into mastering with some choice pieces of mastering-specific hardware. Favorite pieces of gear in my room include:

Lynx Aurora (n) converters
Genelec 5.1 monitoring
Hairball Audio preamps & dynamics
Empirical Labs dynamics processing
Electric & Company preamps
Iron Age Audioworks equalizers and preamps
Flea microphones
Heiserman microphones
Soyuz microphones
Solomon LoFrEQ microphones
Extinct Audio microphones
Audio-Technica microphones
Neumann microphones
beyerdynamic microphones
SSL preamps
Squarewave Industries preamps

In computer world, I run Avid Pro Tools HDX Ultimate, Apple Logic Pro X, and occasionally Cubase 11 or Ableton Live. Some of my favorite software tools for manipulating the bits are:

Audio Damage
Stillwell Audio
DMG Audio
Kush Audio
Sonic Charge


KEY: P - Producer, T - Tracking Engineer, M - Mixing Engineer, ME - Mastering Engineer

Death Cab for Cutie: Live at the Showbox - M - stereo & 5.1
Emily Kinney: The Supporting Character - M
Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage: Silver Bullet - P/T/M/ME
Kathy Moore Super Power Trio: I Won't Let the End of the World Bring Me Down - Co-P/T/M
Emily McVicker: Coming On Up - T/M
The Gemini Affair: TBA - Co-P/T/M
Ockham’s Razor: Secrets and Silence - P/T/M
King Crimson: ReconstruKction of Light - M - stereo & 5.1
Emily Kinney: Oh, Jonathan - M
tiLLie: singles - M
The Gemini: s/t EP - Co-P/M
King Crimson: Meltdown: Live in Mexico - M - stereo & 5.1
Aaron English: Songs From Somewhere Else - P/T/M
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage: Welcome To Seattle - P/T/M
Gotch: Good New Times - M
Filthy Friends: Invitation - M
Aaron English: singles throughout 2015/2016 - T/M/Drums
Made of Boxes: S/T - M
Corey Christiansen: Factory Girl - ME
Soundgarden: Storm (single) - T
The Postal Service: Live at the Greek - DVD M
Lindsey Stirling: Live From London DVD/CD - M 5.1 & stereo
Poor Clare: In Time - M
Lindsey Starr: EP - T/M
Ray Vega & Tom Marriott: East-West Trumpet Summit 2 - M
Fences: To The Tall Trembling Trees - P/M/Programming
Lo Moon: S/T - T
The Guessing Game: Destroy It All - T/M/Programming/Additional drums
Wyatt Olney & the Wreckage: Dark Futures - T/M
Gotch: Good New Times - M seven songs
Santana: IV - T drums on one song
Death Cab for Cutie: Kintsugi - T vocals on one song
Swans: The Glowing Man - T
Ember After: World Spins - M/Drums/Programming
Fences: Lesser Oceans - M
Kirby Krackle: Mutate, Baby! - T/M/Drums on one song
Kirby Krackle: Geekiest Hits Vol1 - T/M
Scout Pare-Philips: Heed the Call - M
Jason Parker Quartet: Homegrown - T/M
soft blows: Bait & Switch - T/M
Ten Commandos: S/T - T
Death Cab for Cutie + Majik*Majik Orchestra: Live Double Vinyl - M
Kirby Krackle: Sounds Like You - T/M
The Lonely Forest: Adding Up The Wasted Hours - M three songs
Theoretics: Plenty of Anything - T/M
Good Men and Thorough: How the Vest Was Won - T/M
The Guessing Game: Holy Crow - T/M
The Humans: Sugar Rush - M/T additional instrumentation
Campfire OK: When You Have Arrived - T
Morgan Agren, Henry Kaiser, Trey Gunn: Invisible Rays - M
Kirby Krackle: Super Powered Love - T/M
Jason Parker Quartet: Five Leaves Left: A Tribute to Nick Drake - M
Byron Vannoy's Thread: S/T - T/M

Death Cab for Cutie: Live from the Mt Baker Theater DVD - M 5.1 surround and stereo
Theoretics: S/T - M/T drums on six songs
KMFDM: Krank - Day of Light (Revenge Mix) Single release M/T additional instrumentation
Kane Mathis: Siloo - T/M
Thomas Marriott: Human Spirit - M
All Hail The Crown: S/T - T/M
Tennis Pro: Shimokita is Dead? - M five songs
Thomsas Marriott: Constraints & Liberations - M
Campfire OK: Strange Like We Are - T/M/Drums on five songs
Matt Jorgensen: Tattooed By Passion - T/M
Goddamn Electric Bill: Jazz - M 3 songs
The Kora Band: Cascades - T/M
Trey Gunn/Marco Minnemann: Modulator - M Assist
20 Riverside: Good Medicine - T/M
Ockham's Razor: Wolves in the Walls - T/M
Ray Vega & Tom Marriott: East-West Trumpet Summit - M
Chad McCullough | Michal Vanoucek: The Sky Cries - T/M
Elliot: Blue+Black - T drums/M
The Unsinkable Boxer: S/T - M
Peter Frampton: Thank You, Mr. Churchill - T
Kirby Krackle: E for Everyone: T/M/String arrangement
Scenes: Rinnova - T/M
Hadley Caliman: Straight Ahead - T/M
Chad McCollough: Dark Wood, Dark Water: T/M
Collider: S/T - T/M
The Humans: We Are The Humans - T/M
Thomas Marriott: Flexicon - M
In Memorium: Lost to Antiquity - T/M
Goddamn Electric Bill: Topics for Gossip - M
Alligators: Piggy & Cups - T/M
Only Human: The Dismantling - T/M
Harrybu McCage: S/T - T/M
Camille Bloom: Ten Thousand Miles CD/DVD - T/M
Matt Jorgensen +451: Another Morning - T/M
Symon Asher: Echo - T/M
Ockham's Razor: Ten Thousand Miles to Bedlam - T/M
Ember After: Grasping at Straws - M/Drum T/Drums
Ian McFeron: Let It Ride - T/M
Aaron English: The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon - T/M/Drums/Programming/Percussion/Varmony vocals
Scarlet Room: S/T EP - T/M
Camille Bloom: Say Goodbye to Pretty - M five songs/ME
Scarlet Room: From the Shadows - T/M
Ian McFeron Band: Fistfight With Father Time - T/M
Ian McFeron Band: A Long Way to Freedon - M
Francis Nash: Wrecking Ball - M
Gregg Keplinger: Absurd World Country - M/ME
Last Fair Deal: True Tales - ME
Zazou: Djangolotry - T/M/ME
Last Fair Deal: 6x4; Limited edition EP - ME
Last Fair Deal: Whole New Ride - originally released on vinyl in 1979; ME for CD release
Joe Morgan: Every Day Has Its Dog - Co-P/T/M/Drums/Programming
Zazou: debut CD - T/M/ME
Antony De Gennaro: Legends in Stone - T/M/ME/Drums
Tristan da Cunha: debut CD - ME
Aaron English: All The Waters of This World - Co-P/M/ME/Programming/Drums
Antony De Gennaro: Unified Fields - T/M/ME/Drums
Das Rut: live CD - M/ME