KEY: T - Tracking Engineer, M - Mixing Engineer, ME - Mastering Engineer

Corin Tucker & Her Filthy Friends: forthcoming - M

Aaron English: singles throughout 2015/2016 - T/M/Drums

Made of Boxes: S/T - M

Corey Christiansen: Factory Girl - ME

Soundgarden: Storm (single) - T

The Postal Service: Live at the Greek - DVD M

Lindsey Stirling: Live From London DVD/CD - M 5.1 & stereo

Poor Clare: In Time - M

Lindsey Starr: EP - T/M

Ray Vega & Tom Marriott: East-West Trumpet Summit 2 - M

Fences: To The Tall Trembling Trees - P/M/Programming

Lo Moon: forthcoming - T

The Guessing Game: Destroy It All - T/M/Programming/Additional drums

Wyatt Olney & the Wreckage: Dark Futures - T/M

Gotch: Good New Times - M seven songs

Santana: IV - T drums on one song

Death Cab for Cutie: Kintsugi - T vocals on one song

Swans: The Glowing Man - T

Ember After: World Spins - M/Drums/Programming

Fences: Lesser Oceans - M

Kirby Krackle: Mutate, Baby! - T/M/Drums on one song

Kirby Krackle: Geekiest Hits Vol1 - T/M

Scout Pare-Philips: Heed the Call - M

Jason Parker Quartet: Homegrown - T/M

soft blows: Bait & Switch - T/M

Ten Commandos: S/T - T

Death Cab for Cutie + Majik*Majik Orchestra: Live Double Vinyl - M

Kirby Krackle: Sounds Like You - T/M

The Lonely Forest: Adding Up The Wasted Hours - M three songs

Theoretics: Plenty of Anything - T/M

Good Men and Thorough: How the Vest Was Won - T/M

The Guessing Game: Holy Crow - T/M

The Humans: Sugar Rush - M/T additional instrumentation

Campfire OK: When You Have Arrived - T

Morgan Agren, Henry Kaiser, Trey Gunn: Invisible Rays - M

Kirby Krackle: Super Powered Love - T/M

Jason Parker Quartet: Five Leaves Left: A Tribute to Nick Drake - M

Byron Vannoy's Thread: S/T - T/M

Death Cab for Cutie: Live from the Mt Baker Theater DVD - M 5.1 surround and stereo

Theoretics: S/T - M/T drums on six songs

KMFDM: Krank - Day of Light (Revenge Mix) Single release M/T additional instrumentation

Kane Mathis: Siloo - T/M

Thomas Marriott: Human Spirit - M

All Hail The Crown: S/T - T/M

Tennis Pro: Shimokita is Dead? - M five songs

Thomsas Marriott: Constraints & Liberations - M

Campfire OK: Strange Like We Are - T/M/Drums on five songs

Matt Jorgensen: Tattooed By Passion - T/M

Goddamn Electric Bill: Jazz - M 3 songs

The Kora Band: Cascades - T/M

Trey Gunn/Marco Minnemann: Modulator - M Assist

20 Riverside: Good Medicine - T/M

Ockham's Razor: Wolves in the Walls - T/M

Ray Vega & Tom Marriott: East-West Trumpet Summit - M

Chad McCullough | Michal Vanoucek: The Sky Cries - T/M

Elliot: Blue+Black - T drums/M

The Unsinkable Boxer: S/T - M

Peter Frampton: Thank You, Mr. Churchill - T

Kirby Krackle: E for Everyone: T/M/String arrangement

Scenes: Rinnova - T/M

Hadley Caliman: Straight Ahead - T/M

Chad McCollough: Dark Wood, Dark Water: T/M

Collider: S/T - T/M

The Humans: We Are The Humans - T/M

Thomas Marriott: Flexicon - M

In Memorium: Lost to Antiquity - T/M

Goddamn Electric Bill: Topics for Gossip - M

Alligators: Piggy & Cups - T/M

Only Human: The Dismantling - T/M

Harrybu McCage: S/T - T/M

Camille Bloom: Ten Thousand Miles CD/DVD - T/M

Matt Jorgensen +451: Another Morning - T/M

Symon Asher: Echo - T/M

Ockham's Razor: Ten Thousand Miles to Bedlam - T/M

Ember After: Grasping at Straws - M/Drum T/Drums

Ian McFeron: Let It Ride - T/M

Aaron English: The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon - T/M/Drums/Programming/Percussion/Varmony vocals

Scarlet Room: S/T EP - T/M

Camille Bloom: Say Goodbye to Pretty - M five songs/ME

Scarlet Room: From the Shadows - T/M

Ian McFeron Band: Fistfight With Father Time - T/M

Ian McFeron Band: A Long Way to Freedon - M

Francis Nash: Wrecking Ball - M

Gregg Keplinger: Absurd World Country - M/ME

Last Fair Deal: True Tales - ME

Zazou: Djangolotry - T/M/ME

Last Fair Deal: 6x4; Limited edition EP - ME

Last Fair Deal: Whole New Ride - originally released on vinyl in 1979; ME for CD release

Joe Morgan: Every Day Has Its Dog - Co-P/T/M/Drums/Programming

Zazou: debut CD - T/M/ME

Antony De Gennaro: Legends in Stone - T/M/ME/Drums

Tristan da Cunha: debut CD - ME

Aaron English: All The Waters of This World - Co-P/M/ME/Programming/Drums

Antony De Gennaro: Unified Fields - T/M/ME/Drums

Das Rut: live CD - M/ME