August 2o16

    Well, as if it wasn't possible for me to be even more lackadaisical about updating this thing, after almost two and a half years, not only a new update, but a full site refresh, too!

    Rather than mention all the stuff I've been up to here, having a gander at my discography page will be a good quick way to get caught up! There are also new songs in the player on the home page, so check 'em out!

May 2o14

    Update time! Only been 8 months, so...

    The Death Cab for Cutie double-vinyl finally was released for Record Store Day last month; apparently it was the #4 seller in the US that day.

    I started tracking a new band project featuring Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam/Soundgarden) and Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden), Alain Johannes (Eleven/QOTSA/Them Crooked Vultures) and Dimitri Coats (OFF!/Burning Brides); a week of recording at Studio Litho went by in a flash.

    I finally had a chance to record one of my favorite drummers, Matt Chamberlain - we've know each other for years and never had the opportunity to work together. He played on a batch of new material by Stone Gossard.

    Back to Litho, this time tracking Good Men & Thorough's second album.

    Lots of stuff in the Kirby Krackle world; the band released a greatest hits collection and rather than just put all the original versions of the songs on it, the tracks from the first record (recorded and performed solely by bandleader Kyle) were tracked with the full band giving them an updated and current vibe. We also tracked a couple of singles and I mixed a live album from their performace in Calgary last year opening for Weird Al.

    The Icarus Kids tracked an EP with me at The Office - amazing performances/arrangements of classic video game themes.

    I mixed the upcoming record from Scout Paré-Phillips at The Office.

    I tracked and mixed the debut release from Soft Blows at The Office.

October 2o13

    Well...if you've followed my site at all, you'll know that I'm TERRIBLE about updating this news page. So, not only am I updating the news, but the whole darn site! New look and feel, and hopefully in the next few weeks, a bunch of new audio on the homepage.

    Luckily, my lack of updates hasn't been due to lack of work - on the contrary, it's been hard finding time to get updates written and posted. Insomnia has given me the time to finally do something about that!

    Recent projects have included mixing an upcoming release from Death Cab for Cutie - a double live record from their most recent tour with the Majik Majik Orchestra accompanying.

    I also recorded and mixed an upcoming record from Seattle-based King Dude - some really great stuff on this!

    I have three mixes on the new record from The Lonely Forest - absolutely brilliant songwriting and performances.

    I recorded and mixed the debut CD from Good Men and Thorough; tracking was at Chris Walla's recently rebuilt Hall of Justice and I mixed at The Office.

    Camille Bloom came by and tracked a new EP for her solo acoustic tour.

    I also mixed Shannon Stephens' new EP which is out this month.

    A couple of new jazz releases are in the pipeline and more will be revealed soon...

November 2o11

    Continuing the tradition of twice-yearly updates, it's now time for all that's no longer new!

    I mixed two new releases from trumpeter, Thomas Marriott, for Origin Records - Human Spirit and Contraints and Liberations

    I spent some time at Matt Bayles's Red Room studio recording two new songs for The Young Evils produced by Bill Rieflin, and also recording a new full release for The Fruiting Bodies

    I was recently at the lovely London Bridge for eight days with Campfire OK recording their upcoming release. I followed that up with a crazy-long day recording 11 pieces with Chad McCullough, Bram Weijters, Piet Verbist and John Bishop.

    Matt Jorgenson, Thomas Marriott and Mark Taylor have formed a new group called Human Spirit; we tracked a live release to come out next Spring on Origin Records.

    Byron Vannoy's Thread filmed a performance that I tracked and mixed - incredible, high energy instrumental jazz-rock.

    I've begin mixing the next Unsinkable Boxer record by Colin Taylor; as before, it's a great collection of songs!

    This summer, I mixed the new record by Trey Gunn, Morgan Agren and Henry Kaiser, Invisible Rays - brilliant, over-the-top, improvised bombast!

    Now that we're coming up on the New Year, perhaps I'll resolve to update this more frequently...or not!

May 2o11

    I think at this point, it's safe to say I'm only going to update this site twice a year! The problem with that is trying to remember everything I've done over the previous six months. I hear ginko is good for the memory...

    In November, Joni Wilm brought her trio to Studio Litho where we tracked her vocal jazz stylings on nearly a dozen standards over a couple of days. I mixed it at The Office.

    Late last year I finished up mixing a new record for Thione Diop - an amazing percussionist from Senegal - full of traditional-meets-contemporary African songs. Brilliant stuff all around.- and mastered by John McCaig at panicStudios.

    I spent a good portion of December and the first couple months of this year mixing the debut release from Seattle hip-hop/funk/rock/amazing band, Theoretics. These seven(!) guys blew me away with their musicianship, writing and rhyming. Everyone should buy a copy of their record. So there.

    Karmen Buttler, a wonderful singer-songwriter from San Francisco, flew up in February to begin work on her new record. My writing partner since high school, Todd Howard, came out from Massachusetts to play bass and I got to play drums and keys. In a week's time we had some three amazing and diverse songs "in the can". Can't wait to get back to this one!

    A good portion of this year has been spent tracking bass and tracking/playing drums and subsequently mixing the music for the upcoming film, Last Call. Composer, Michael Hebert wrote an expansive score that covers all the musical bases.

    Jason Parker brought his quartet's new Nick Drake tribute CD, Five Leaves Left, to me for mixing. This is gorgeously played jazz with a folk bent - everyone should also have this in their collection.

    More mixing at The Office for Tennis Pro's upcoming release, helped out tracking Brad, tracking Bill Rieflin's drumming for new music from Grant Lee Phillips.

    Last week, I mixed the upcoming episode of VH1's Storytellers featuring Death Cab for Cutie - check it out May 27!

November 2o1o

    Okay, not only a news update, but a new website, too!

    All kinds of stuff has happened in the preceeding 7 months; a whole bunch of new releases on Origin Records - Ray Vega & Tom Marriott's "East-West Trumpet Summit" was released and rocketed to the #1 spot on the JazzWeek Airplay charts. It was also on the Grammy ballot for Best Producer (Tom Marriott)! Matt Jorgensen's tribute to his late father-in-law's life and artwork, "Tattooed by Passion" is a tour-de-force of burning jazz, smoldering rock and killer string arrangements. Chad McCullough and Michal Vanoucek put together a kick-ass group of players and some tricky tunes on their release, "The Sky Cries". Another group featuring Chad, The Kora Band, tracked their new disc with me at Two Sticks, "Cascades". I mixed the first release and tracked and mixed the latter three.

    I tracked and mixed a new record for Ockham's Razor at The Office. It's always a challenge putting a six-piece band into a one room studio!

    I tracked and played drums on five songs for Campfire OK; I mixed these at The Office. Their record with these five songs and seven others that I tracked with them last year will be out at the beginning of 2011.

    I mixed three new songs for Goddamn Electric Bill that are included on the new release "Jazz" and some of which are featured in the Sundance hit film, Douchebag (seriously...).

    Brilliant multi-instrumentalist Trey Gunn (no relation!) asked me for some mixing assistance on his new release, "Modulator". This is a crazy record! Other-worldly drummer, Marco Minnemann, sent Trey a 52 minute drum solo; Trey then composed a suite of songs on top of said solo. Insane stuff!

    Bend, OR, band, Elliot, came up to Seattle in April to track drums with me at Two Sticks and then recorded the rest of their parts back home. They sent me the completed songs to mix and the result is their "Blue+Black" EP. This is expertly crafted pop/rock music!

    The Humans have returned! I was to travel to the UK in May to record the new record, but due to the death of our dog only hours before getting on the plane, I didn't make it. The show must go on and they were able to rustle up some engineers locally to get everything recorded wonderfully - Robert Fripp joined in for the whole record adding a new dimension to the band's sound. Bill Rieflin and I mixed here at The Office for nearly the entire month of August (and the last couple weeks of July, too!) - it's a wild auditory trip and a brilliant release!

    On a sad note, it is with a heavy heart that I must report the closing of Two Sticks Audio. It was a great run and I loved managing the room and working out of there as much as I could. I was fortunate enough to do the first and the last session ever at the studio - the last being a three-day session with LA artist, Saint John; producer Paul Fox put together a killer backing band of Bill Rieflin (drums), Peter Buck (guitar) and Scott McCaughy (bass/piano). We had an intense but wildly successful time. R.I.P Two Sticks...

April 2o1o

    So much for keeping up with the updates! The first quarter of 2o1o has already been chock full o' musical goodness!

    Most of January was spent on two projects: first, was mixing an upcoming Death Cab for Cutie DVD in surround and stereo. This was a live concert filmed in Bellingham, WA, last year, and it's a fantastic representation of the band. Look for it soon!

    The other big January project was the recording and mixing of Kirby Krackle's "E for Everyone" CD. This is a band that embodies and champions "Nerd Rock" - songs about comic book characters, video games and girls abound. Brilliant and clever songwriting and all-around nice guys.

    Both of these projects were done here at my studio, The Office. The Kirby Krackle was mastered by John McCaig at panicStudios.

    I spent three days tracking 20 Riverside at Two Sticks; this is a young (early-20s) funk/hip-hop/rock/horn band from Everett, WA, that blew me away with their musicality and deep sense of musical history. They are all multi-instrumentalists and write some insanely groovy (truly, not in the 60's sense of "like, groovy, man...") and catchy songs. I mixed it at The Office and Ed Brooks mastered at RFI.

    Aaron English and I revisited a song from his previous record recording a new version as well as a brand new track at Two Sticks just before the holidays. We finished it up here and he will be releasing it on his website.

    Dravus is a power pop/punk (who comes up with these labels?!?) band with catchy, energetic songs; we spent a few days tracking at Two Sticks and are finishing it up at The Office.

    I'm continuing to mix new songs for Glasgow's Geoff Martyn; it's always a treat getting material from him because it's of such high quality.

    Sax legend Hadley Caliman's record that I recorded at Two Sticks and mixed at The Office has been riding the JazzWeek airplay charts at #2 for three weeks!

    I was asked to play drums on a couple of projects (nice to remember I'm a musician, too!); first, were two songs for April Devereaux - very cool piano-based tracks with some tricky changes; then five songs for Campfire Ok - just amazing music that I'm honored to have been a part of. I also was engineering on this, so I pulled double duty. Fun stuff!

    Finally, Peter Frampton's "Thank You Mr. Churchill" that I tracked last year comes out 27 April - brilliant songs and killer performances!

December 2oo9

    Gadzooks! Eight months since the last update! All kinds of musical insanity since the last report!

    I was recently asked to do an overnight turnaround for a couple of live Death Cab performances on MTV for the "Woodie Awards". Gotta love "the internets" - their performance finished at 9PM Eastern, I received the files from Record Plant Mobile at midnight Pacific, did the mix, uploaded them, got some notes and did a revision by 9AM the following morning. The videos are now on the MTV site:
    DCfC - Meet Me on the Equinox
    DCfC - The Sound of Settling

    Lots of jazz the past few months, too. I mixed and recorded the upcoming record for Origin Records artist, Scenes; some rather ripping trio performances! Mark Guenther at Seattle Disc Mastering mastered

    Also for Origin, I mixed a couple of soon-to-be-released records for Thomas Marriott, one a quartet record and the other a quintet. More info as they are released.

    Drummer Matt Jorgensen has an epic new release coming out early in 2010; he wrote a suite of pieces inspired by works of art created by his late father-in-law Dale Chisman; I tracked the core quintet at Two Sticks for a couple of days and then returned to add string quartet a few weeks later. This is one fine collection of music! John McCaig at panicStudios mastered.

    I finished mixing a record for Glasgow artist, Colin Taylor, who will be releasing under the name "The Unsinkable Boxer". Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI.

    In death metal-land, I tracked and mixed Shaded Enmity's "Like Prayers on Deaf Ears"; huge metal! Mastered by Troy Glenssner at Spectre.

May 2oo9

    This update is brought to you by the letter "F"!

    I've spent much of the past month and a half in Cincinnati recording the new Peter Frampton record! Matt Cameron, who plays drums on six of the songs, recommended me for the gig (Thanks, Matt!!!), and both Peter and co-producer, Chris Kimsey, decided to bring me on board. We've had an absolute blast and the songs are an eclectic batch of modern rock mastery. I'll be returning in October to mix!

    While I was there in Ohio, we all took a three-day detour and drove down to Nashville for a whirlwind session at Blackbird Studio and their incredible "d" room with a 96ch API Legacy desk. It was there that we recorded Peter and his co-writer for this particular song, Gordon Kennedy, and our next "F" guest, The Funk Brothers! Peter wanted to pay tribute to the Motown sound and the records he grew up loving, so what better way to authentically do so than to get the gentleman that helped originally create that sound? Eddie Willis (guitar), Bob Babbit (bass), Spider (drums) and Ron Jones (piano/organ) were joined by Peter and Gordon on additional guitars, Chad Cromwell on drums and Eric Darken on tambourine/vibes/bells. An 8-man musical beast, it was a rush to sit in the control room and listen to what sounded like a finished record come over the monitors. I've been pinching myself a lot lately just to make sure I'm not dreaming...

    Finally, we have Robert Fripp! He will be "guest starring" on a new single from The Humans that we are tracking this week now that I'm back in Seattle. He's been a bit of a musical hero of mine since I first heard King Crimson many years ago. Can't wait!

    In other news, before leaving the last throes of Winter here in the Pacific NW, I recorded the alliterative piano/drums duo, Benjamin Bear, at Two Sticks - excellent songs and great players!

    I finished mixing the debut CD from Collider which was released this month. Buy this disc!

    I also found time to track basics for a new Monsters of the Deep album at Robert Lang Studios.

    I also did a whirlwind day at Robert Lang's recording two new songs with Conservative Dad; two songs, top-to-bottom, layered up all in one day and I mixed them the following day. Killer!

    Prior to all that stuff, I recorded the debut disc for a young band from Seattle called Israfel; very earnest, interesting stuff. Keep an eye on these guys!

    And I'm actually going to try to get some session photos on this site, finally!

February 2oo9

    Even slower than last time on the update!!

    The biggest news this time is that I've built my own studio! I'm still managing Two Sticks Audio, but I needed a place to mix and do tracking where I didn't have to be as concerned about booking schedules. So, I built The Office (it's where I go to work...) and have been working there since September. It's a one-room facility, but acoustically sound, isolated and a comfy place to work. Euphonix was even kind enough to do a bit of a profile on me and my new place!

    I'm mixing the upcoming Smoosh record right now - amazing new batch of songs from these young ladies!

    Bill Rieflin and I finally finished up the Humans disc! We did a three-week mix binge in December and cranked out a rather unique and incredible sounding record, if I do say so myself! Simon Heyworth mastered at his Super Audio Mastering facility in England.

    I finished tracking and mixing the new Ian McFeron project over the summer before he and the band headed back out on the road. John McCaig mastered like a champ.

    I mixed the new Goddamn Electric Bill record out now on 99x/10 records - killer disc! Once again, mastering was ably handled by John at panicStudios.

    I'm wrapping up mixing the new Tristan da Cunha record this month.

    It's been a dark second half of the year for me. Dark, as is DEATH METAL! I just wrapped up In Memorium's new disc, "Lost to Antiquity". Heavy stuff!! Mastered by, you guessed it, John McCaig!

    Also in the wrapping-up stages is the new Funeral Age record. Brutal shards of the blackest metal.

    180 degrees from those two projects is the new disc from Dan Connolly - acoustic-based singer/songwriter with sweeping productions. Guess who mastered?

    I finished mixing the Alligators in early Autumn; this is a fantastic collection of songs!

    I mixed Thomas Marriott's new disc, "Flexicon" and also recorded a new project featuring Tom and saxophonist Hadley Caliman - look for that this spring!

    I recorded and am currently mixing trumpeter, Chad McCollough's, new record.

    Woooo, I'm tired now!!

May 2oo8

    Time for what's becoming a trend - another half-year update! It's been a crazy time...

    Two Sticks Audio has been cruising along. I completed tracking for Only Human's new disc there and mixed it at my place.

    I also tracked Ian McFeron's new project there. We'll be finishing overdubs this summer when he and the band are back from tour and then mixing it at my place.

    I tracked and mixed Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden with his ass kicking jazz/groove/fusion trio, Harrybu McCage, for their debut release. Mastering was loving handled by John McCaig at panicStudios.

    Camille Bloom has a DVD coming out from a performance at the Columbia City Theater here in Seattle. I mixed that and John mastered, once again.

    I tracked basics for Bremerton-based, Alligators at Two Sticks. They are working on vocals and overdubs on their own and will be returning for mixing next month.

    In February, I had the pleasure of tracking a record at Chroma Sound on their wonderful Trident 80B. The project was The Humans, featuring Bill Rieflin, Toyah Willcox and Chris Wong. The plan is to mix later this year when Bill is back from the REM tour and Toya and Chris can come back from England. Amazing music!

    I spent a day at my place with Hector Zazou and Bill Rieflin tracking drums and noises for Hector's upcoming release.

November 2oo7

    Although it may seem like I've dropped off the face of the earth because it now takes me six months to update this page, nothing could be further from the truth. Busy is the name of the game!

    Since the last update, so much has happened - I'll try to remember it all!

    I've been helping put Jason McGerr's new studio, Two Sticks Audio, together, and producing a number of sessions there in between massive wiring/console refurb parties and Death Cab sessions. I'll be handling studio management and booking, so contact me about getting some time in there!

    Sessions I've done at TSA include the debut from Monsters of the Deep, Matt Jorgensen's 451 jazz quartet, The Long Winters, and solo work by Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam.

    Also recently completed are the new Symon Asher disc, the fabulous Celtic punk of Ockham's Razor, mixing six songs on the new record from Adam Smith and Your Invisible Hands, and recording and mixing the new Conservative Dad EP.

    I've been in pre-production with Seattle metal band Only Human and will be tracking their new disc at TSA in December. James Murphy of Testament (among others) will be mixing.

    I've been mixing both the debut CD and a soundtrack composed by mysterious ambient electronic artist, Minor.

    Earlier this year (I need to keep up with these updates better...), I finished mixing (and playing drums) on the debut disc from Ember After, a goth-industrial outfit led by OC resident Orren Merton and featuring an online cast of many!

    Work also continues on the debut CD from singer/songwriter, Joni Wilm.

    I think that's all for now!

March 2oo7

A new equipment acquisition at Casa Del Gunn is a Rupert Neve Designs 5043 Portico compresser. It really is all that and a bag of chips. :-)

February 2oo7 - Well, it's been a million and a half years since I updated this page! The last year has been non-stop and nuts, but only in a good way! Lots of projects started and finished and I'm looking forward to an even busier '07. Here's a quick rundown of projects recently finished and some that are still underway:

    Iris I - Six-song EP currently in production; guitar, bass and drums are done - vocals to follow soon! Lots of odd-time, prog goodness!

    Symon Asher - Tracked guitar, bass and drums for 10 songs at Litho in November; vocals and guitar overdubs for four songs are complete and mostly mixed!

    Ian McFeron - Recorded and mixed his new release, Let It Ride which, again, was mastered at RFI by Ed Brooks in January.

    Aaron English - Recorded and mixed Aaron's magnum opus between May and November. This is a huge, sweeping epic of an album; mastered with Ed at RFI in December.

    Scarlet Room - Recorded and mixed a second EP with the band; guess what? Yeah, we mastered with Ed!

    Francis Nash - Hit Litho for a weekend in the summer to track basics for a new CD; vocals are still underway at my place.

I also took the plunge and joined the 21st century with a myspace page (oh, the peer pressure!) - http://www.myspace.com/dongunnmusic

I promise to try and be more timely with the updates...

March 2oo6

    Ian McFeron - Finished mixing Fistfight With Father Time which was mastered at RFI by Ed Brooks earlier in the month. Also remixed Ian's second CD, A Long Way to Freedom for a new production run.

    Scarlet Room - Finishing up overdubs and mixes; mastering at RFI this month.

    Jason Parker Quartet - tracking live off the floor at Litho.

January 2oo6

    Ian McFeron - Finishing tracking with mixing to start mid-month.

    Scarlet Room - Tracking this four-piece band at Studio Litho; mixing later in the month.

November 2oo5 - Long time, no update! Big news is I've added a Pro Tools HD2 Accel rig to my arsenal - fun!

    Ian McFeron - Drums, acoustic guitar and bass tracks are done for 16 songs along with fiddle on a dozen; vocals and lead guitar are up next.

    Bill Montgomery - mastering a live piano trio of Bill Evans covers

    Crush Velour - Remixing their never-released debut CD from '94 - still going!

July 2oo5

    Francis Nash - Mixing their new CD

    Ian McFeron - Preliminary tracking for this singer/songwriter's third CD.

    Viscid - Guitar overdubs and mixing.

    Crush Velour - Remixing their never-released debut CD from '94!

May 2oo5

    Gregg Keplinger - Mixing 3 CDs of improvisational free jazz and collage-style music, plus tracked a live performace of the Gregg Keplinger Trio.

    Loom - Tracking is nearly complete on the instruments; vocals and overdubs remain.

    Viscid - Vocal tracking for newly recorded songs.

    Last Fair Deal - Mastering their third full-length CD.

March 2oo5

    Ember After - Mixing and contributing production, drums and keyboards.

    William Montgomery - Tracking and mixing this Seattle-based composer's chamber music.

    Randy Lee Fader and the Magnettes - Tracking and mixing their Motown/Northern Soul stylings with three stunning vocalists.

    Loom - Tracking and mixing this tricky prog-pop band fronted by a dynamic female vocalist.

    Viscid - Mixing these metaler's second CD.

    Opossum Wranglers - Mixing their debut CD.